Our Why

We are Fostering a New Way of Staying Healthy

Living a life that includes the additional need of accommodating physical and/or mental disabilities does not have to be filled with despair or limited to the bare minimums of existence. As PCA Elite caregivers, we understand and practice the belief that “where the mind goes, the body will follow.” Our services encompass the spirit of this concept.

As a client of PCA Elite, your care plan will be tailored to meet all aspects of your physician’s order, plus special attention to mental and physical well-being towards increasing life enjoyment. We match all industry standards of basic services provided, so your ADLs, skilled and unskilled required will be managed fully by your personal care team.

But how we stand apart , we get to know you! We learn your personal wants, needs, and what care path will be a joy for you to follow and fulfill. We look forward to accompanying you along the way.

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We have an array of knowledgeable professionals that are available to answer any questions that you may have about our care services and how we can best serve you.